Study Jujitsu in closets of crystalline

Criminals, get twisted,
He’s superhero gifted,
Bell rings I’m back in school,
Nobody know what I do

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Uhh, what’s love when you don’t give your man enough dough?
He wanna stick you
What’s love, you got beef?
Nobody rollin wit you
What’s love, you locked up, and your family don’t care
Is love a four-letter word, that deceives the air?
What’s real, when you know your man’s girl is a hoe
And you don’t even let him know, cause you fucked her before
What’s real, when you talk behind a man’s back
then you see him and give him dap, now explain that?
What’s trust, when they seperate your case
When you at your court date, your co-de’, can’t look in your face
What’s trust, when you keep your wife away from your man?
And he never crossed you, but you claimin he’s fam’?
What’s trust, when you get bust, your niggaz don’t retaliate?
They blaze purple haze with em the next day?
God forbid one of my niggaz get hit, I’ma go haywire
Won’t hesitate, I’ma spray fire
But everybody’s different, you won’t know how you react
til you in that position, and that’s an actual fact
The hearts of men change as time goes on, who’s wrong?
You was hungry when you stuck Duke, he came back to buck you
Who’s wrong? Foul all your life, now you 90
On your deathbed you regret bein grimy
What’s lust, a bust nut? What’s a thug?
A ghetto child raised around drugs, til he’s old enough to bust slugs?
Then what’s jail, to rehabilitate, or to make a nigga worse
when he come home to catch another case?
Life’s about decisions, you choose it, you gotta live it
You did it, heaven or hell or prison
Who knows when your clock’ll stop tickin, get your weight up
Save up before it’s over neighbor, I told ya
You gettin older player, look at those who gave up

Pro tools confiscated as evidence by the crime Lab spyin’, ain’t even have to do em’ like that

(I) Fuck with your soul like ether
(Will) Teach you the king you know you
(Not) “God’s son” across the belly
(Lose) I prove you lost already